If the City were an Orchard

An evolving series of prints, 2015 – ongoing

Over the past two years I have been working with Jonathan Baxter on an art and horticulture project called DUO (Dundee Urban Orchard). DUO has worked alongside community groups, schools and cultural organisations to establish a network of 24 small-scale orchards that together reimagine Dundee as an Orchard City. During this time I have also made regular visits to draw an old apple orchard on the grounds of the Hill of Tarvit, Fife. In the If the City were an Orchard prints I have imagined this old orchard into some of the streets and public spaces of Dundee.
An orchard, when left alone, can support a wide variety of flora and fauna as well as producing fruit for us to eat. These plants and creatures in turn support the health of the the trees. Put simply – the worms are there beneath the paving stones, they help create healthy soil for the trees and flowering plants, without the flowers the bees and other pollinating insects would not come, without the pollinators there would be no fruit on the trees, without the bugs and fruit the birds would go hungry, and so on. This balance of life is necessary for all of us to thrive and could be seen as a Biodiversity Commons. Honoring the Biodiversity Commons is part of what makes Dundee an Orchard City.

10 If the City were an Orchard, City Square, 175 x 80cm 2015If the City were an Orchard: City Square

5 If the City were an Orchard, Murraygate, 2015 145 x 70 cm

If the City were an Orchard: Murraygate