Scottish Priority Species Prints

This series of relief prints were made in 2012 for a collaborative work –  Sustainability Bunting – made with Jonathan Baxter. The work forms part of the Kingdom of If  exhibition (please see the Kingdom of If page). The animals, insects and plants are the 22 priority species listed for conservation action by Scottish Natural Heritage

Black grouse


Great crested newt

Greenland white-froted goose

Red squirrel

Scottish wildcatVendaceWater voleEuropean beaverSea eagle

Freshwater pearl musselGreat yellow bumblebeeMarsh fritillary butterflyPearl-bordered fritillary butterflyPine hoverflySlender Scotch burnet mothBird's nest stonewortIntermediate wintergreenLesser butterfly orchidSmall cow-wheatWoolly willowHazel gloves fungus


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